Security Screen Windows and Doors

The average residential property is not well protected against intruders and thieves. Even if you have a security system which is supposed to help you prevent intruders, you could still find that you have some problems with your security due to the amount of easily access points around the home. Alarms only summon help, they do not physically prevent intruders from coming into the property, and that is what most residents want from a defense system. This is where security screens could help you to defend your home more efficiently and practically.

What are security screen windows?


Windows are the prime source of entry for intruders. You occasionally see reports of burglars coming into a home through a chimney, or through ventilation systems, but this is extremely rare. Without Security Screens, windows prevent a very little challenge to the intruder. These screens are designed to prevent the intruder or thief from gaining access to the home, including providing protection against crow bars and screwdrivers. They help to secure the property by providing a physical barrier to the home, something which will prevent most burglars and encourage them to move on to more easily accessed property.

What other advantages to screens offer?

In addition to offering you complete protection for your home, you can also get other benefits from the security window. This includes being able to install the screens on windows that face the direction of the sun. Screens block the sun, keeping out UV rays that might cause fading or damage to property, and they also prevent the rooms from becoming overheated, so that you don’t have to have your AC running at full pelt all summer round. This allows screens to offer you more than just protection.

How are screens fitted to windows?

Not all windows are built to the same scale, so to provide effective protection for the home, the installers will need to measure your glass fittings before they make the security screens for your windows. Once they are constructed to the custom needs of your property, they can then be fitted to your property. When installing security screens, fitting them as closely to Windows is essential so that the screens will be mounted directly onto the window, so that they have fewer seams and cannot be removed, but still allow the homeowner to get into the property if required.