Why chose sliding security screen doors over other doors

Most homeowners prefer sliding security screen doors for their entry ways mainly because of the ease of use and the elegant and sleek vibe that these entry fixtures exude. Add to that, they enhance the visual appeal of any space since the glass sandwiched in between the frames connects the interiors of the home to the outside scenery. However, since folding and sliding doors function as an access to your home, just how much do they fare in terms of security and home protection? What makes them the better choice compared to other types of doors that are currently offered in the market?


Reinforces the entryway

Using sliding security screen doors help in making the entryway even safer since the materials used for manufacturing these home entry fixtures are as durable and strong as your home’s cement walls. Add to that, the installation process allows for a better seamless fit into the walls of your home, making your interiors resistant against break-ins since there are no cracks or leaks that the intruders can consider as weak spots. As an added measure, installing screen mesh in your aluminium doors and windows provide a great barrier between you and the person outside. Thus, you can check who’s at the door without risking yourself to danger.Better lock mechanism.

Sliding security screen doors utilize standard locks which are integrated into the frame itself.

Today’s technology has also introduced locking systems in multiple points with anti-drill key cylinders, and connected through the railing and the main support with the use of high-security hinges. The stiles of the frame are also secured in the top and bottom panels and additional locking mechanisms can be placed depending on your security requirements. The subtle yet secure way of opening and closing the door makes it less visible to those who might be observing your home from the outside.

Security and guarantee in materials

High-quality aluminium doors and windows are made from double glazed glass which is less susceptible to breaking. With an excellent set of sliding glass doors you can expect a lifespan of more than twenty years, making it a sound investment to your home.
Apart from the materials, the security benefits of your folding doors will not only protect you from the outside elements but it also guarantees you that your family is safe, especially when it comes to your young ones. Top manufacturers of folding doors are already adding child-safety features in their aluminium door frames to protect your kids from getting injured while trying to operate your sliding doors. Make your home a safe place to live in. With these security benefits that you can get from using sliding security screen doors, it will be easier for you to deter any intruders in your home.